swear word

swear word
skældsord {n}


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  • swear word — swear words also swearword N COUNT A swear word is a word which is considered to be rude or offensive. Swear words are usually used when people are angry …   English dictionary

  • swear|word — «SWAIR WURD», noun. a word used in cursing; profane word; oath: »The poor man s supply of swearwords was evidently not enough for the situation and it quickly ran out after his extravagant expenditure (Atlantic) …   Useful english dictionary

  • swear word — n a word that is considered to be rude, offensive, and shocking by most people …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • swear word — ► NOUN ▪ an offensive or obscene word …   English terms dictionary

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  • swear word — noun A word considered taboo and impolite or offensive. When I heard swear words from the next room, I decided to keep my distance. Syn: curse, curse word, cuss, dirty word, expletive, four letter word …   Wiktionary

  • swear word — curse, obscene word …   English contemporary dictionary

  • swear word — noun an offensive or obscene word …   English new terms dictionary

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  • swear·word — /ˈsweɚˌwɚd/ noun, pl words [count] : an offensive word a movie filled with violent images and rough swearwords …   Useful english dictionary

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